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Safer Communities

The Office of the Illinois Attorney General works to ensure that Illinois' laws and policies are effective and are upheld so that our communities can be safe places to live, work and nurture children. Attorneys, investigators, and staff across several functional areas are committed to violence prevention and to serving those who may become victims of violent crime.

Community safety priorities for Attorney General Raoul address gun violence, violent sexual offenses, and harmful drug use. We focus on innovative ways to:

  • Stop child predators from heinous activity.
  • Prevent gun violence and keep guns away from those who could cause harm.
  • Increase the supervision of sex offenders.
  • Combat the spread of methamphetamine, synthetic drugs, and other harmful substances.

These violence prevention efforts include the use of cutting-edge technology to intercept computer crimes, including online child pornography, online sexual abuse, online fraud, e-mail threats, identity theft, and computer hacking.

When crimes do occur, Office of the Attorney General has expanded its resources to help:

  • Provide an array of services to victims of violent crimes.
  • Support on-the-ground, trauma-informed interventions to break the cycle of future crimes.
  • Connect individuals to resources to prevent sexual assault or address intimate partner violence.

The Attorney General’s Office routinely leads in collaborations with other law enforcement agencies at the state, local, and federal levels.

  • Attorney General Raoul answers the spate of mass shootings in public spaces such as schools or houses of worship, and with the U.S. Secret Service provides preventative trainings on threat assessment techniques.
  • The office assists county State's Attorneys across Illinois in prosecuting cases developed by our investigators and representing the state in criminal appeals.
  • Attorney General Kwame Raoul targets organized retail crime enterprises that plague stores and consumers. The Organized Retail Crime Task Force fosters cooperation among retailers, online marketplaces, law enforcement agencies and state’s attorneys.
  • Attorneys from the office and the Attorney General’s community liaisons regularly partner with police departments to hold local training and workshops for officers and citizens.