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Crime Gun Connect: Tracking Guns Used in Crimes

Crime Gun Connect is a new, sophisticated data platform that Attorney General Raoul developed for law enforcement to analyze firearms recovered in the commission of a crime.

Crime Gun Connect allows law enforcement to:

  • identify perpetrators, co-conspirators, suspects, and witnesses
  • generate leads for additional crimes
  • provide a big-picture look at the sources of crime-guns in our state

Crime Gun Connect utilizes more than 10 years of crime-gun trace data, high tech mapping capabilities and advanced search features to crack down on illegal gun trafficking and straw purchasing. With this tool, our local, state, and federal law enforcement partners can leverage this advanced technology to analyze crime-gun traces and identify gun trafficking patterns.

Percentage of guns used for a crime sold at Illinois retailers.

This data means that more than 60% of guns used in a crime are being bought into our state.