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Violence Prevention and Public Safety

Every Illinois resident should be able to conduct their life with the reasonable expectation of safety. Unfortunately, crime is not contained by zip code, and criminals swiftly adapt their methods and expand their targets. As the chief law enforcement officer for the state of Illinois, the Attorney General has the authority to respond to specific types of crimes and can assist other law enforcement entities in cases that require a level of expertise and coordination.

The Attorney General takes action to prevent violent crimes and to promote public safety for all who live in Illinois.

Taking on Gun Violence and Getting Crime Guns Off the Street

Attorney General Raoul leverages the legal authority and cross-bureau resources of the office to fight gun violence on several fronts. The comprehensive approach executed in coordination with legislators and law enforcement partners provides effective means to take action against rogue gun dealers and manufacturers whose unlawful marketing and sales schemes contribute to the gun violence in our communities.

The comprehensive, statewide strategy combat to gun violence emphasizes prevention, addresses gun trafficking and responds to victims of violent crime in a trauma-informed manner. In 2022, the office unveiled Crime Gun Connect, a state-of-the-art data portal that the Illinois State Police can use to pinpoint a gun used in a crime through its chain of purchasers, sellers, and crime suspects.

Stopping Organized Retail Crimes

Attorney General Raoul created the Organized Retail Crime Task Force in 2021— the first statewide, public/private collaboration of its kind in Illinois. It connects retailers, online marketplaces, law enforcement agencies, and state's attorneys to harness resources and target organized retail crime from the store level all the way to the top of the criminal networks.

Preventing Mass Shootings in Schools, Houses of Worship and Community Spaces

In 2021, Attorney General Raoul, the U.S Secret Service, and other federal and state agencies initiated a training on warning signs to prevent mass shootings in schools. The office extended that initial offering to training sessions to prevent mass shootings and violence in places of worship and community settings. This collaboration with federal partners continues so communities can remain vigilant and prevent tragic incidents.

Filing Protection Orders for Domestic Abuse, Sexual Assault, Stalking or Gun Possession in Crisis Situations

The Attorney General provides resources to help victims of abuse gain protection in cases of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking.

The office added another layer of violence prevention when it was granted authority to implement Firearms Restraining Orders. This order helps when an individual senses a crisis and is concerned about a family or household member's access to firearms.

Fighting Back Against Illegal Drugs in Communities

Whether it is street drugs masquerading as safe products, prescription drugs that contribute to harmful addictions, or farmers put at risk by meth producers, the Illinois Attorney General will fight to keep residents healthy and stop illegal activity.

Prosecuting Murders and Complex Criminal Cases

The Attorney General has the authority to go after those who commit some of the most serious and far-reaching crimes. Attorneys in the Criminal Enforcement Division are organized into 8 bureaus. Among the cases they cover are complex murders where other jurisdictions need assistance, sexually violent persons who may need to be in or remain in state custody and criminal networks that cross counties.