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Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul
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Helping Crime Victims

Statewide Victim Assistance (SVA) Program

Through three main initiatives, the Statewide Victim Assistance Program provides assistance to victims, witnesses, and service providers across Illinois.

Direct Victim Assistance

The Office of the Attorney General provides services to crime victims and witnesses who are involved in cases that are being prosecuted by the Office of the Illinois Attorney General. Program services are available to crime victims and witnesses, assistant attorneys general, and any of the 102 state’s attorneys across Illinois who have requested OAG assistance with their criminal cases.

Outreach and Education Activities

Our Statewide Victim/Witness Coordinators offer virtual or in-person trainings on Crime Victim’s Rights and Enforcement to service providers and criminal justice professionals. This training details the rights of crime victims and the legal responsibilities of prosecutors, the courts, and the victim. In addition, we offer a training for new victim/witness coordinators to assist them in acclimating to their role within the criminal justice system. We attend community outreach events to help promote crime victim’s rights awareness and foster community relations.

For more information or to schedule a training, please contact our statewide victim/witness coordinators, Leslie Ramos: or Theresa Miller:

Downloadable Resources:

Statewide Victim Assistance Program: An Overview of Services PDF Document

Illinois Crime Victims’ Bill of Rights 11" X 17" Poster

Illinois Crime Victims’ Bill of Rights 8" X 11" Poster

Rights of Crime Victims and Witnesses Act

Checklist of Rights under 725 ILCS 120/4.5(c-5)(1) (en Español)

Written Statement of Explanation of Rights for Law Enforcement-Marsy's Rights

The Enforcement of Crime Victims' Rights: Handbook for the Prosecution Team and Advocates

Victim Impact Statement Guidance (English) (en Español) (Polish)

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