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January 11, 2023

More Infant Deaths Have Occurred Since First Warning in 2019

Chicago – Attorney General Kwame Raoul today urged parents and caregivers again to immediately stop using the Fisher-Price and Kids II Rocking Sleepers. In 2019, Raoul first alerted families that the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recalled the products after several infant deaths were reported. However, according to the CPSC, 12 infants have died in the sleepers since the 2019 recalls.

“It is tragic to hear more infants have died using the rocking sleepers, even after the 2019 product recalls,” Raoul said. “I urge parents and caregivers to again check the rocking sleepers in their homes and daycares to ensure they are not recalled, and I encourage them to spread the word to others who may use these products. Please check with the Consumer Product Safety Commission for a full list of recalled models, and stop using the Fisher Price and Kids II sleepers immediately.”

Both Fisher-Price and Kids II offer a refund or voucher for the recalled sleepers, depending on which item was purchased and when it was purchased. Additional information is available on the CPSC website. Sleepers were sold under various model names and styles, so recalled sleepers might look quite different than the pictures on the recall notice. Attorney General Raoul is encouraging consumers to check the comprehensive lists carefully.

Attorney General Raoul recommends that when purchasing and utilizing infant products, parents and caregivers:

  • Follow the safety instructions included with the product.
  • Report any product malfunctions or injuries to the CPSC so that it can determine whether the product is defective.
  • Sign up for CPSC recall notices to help avoid purchasing known dangerous products.
  • Utilize tools such as Kids in Danger’s online tips when purchasing infant products secondhand, in order to learn whether an item has been recalled at any point.
  • Avoid purchasing any recalled item.

 Raoul also urged parents and caregivers to follow safe sleep advice and other safety education tips available online through the CPSC and Kids in Danger.