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 About The Attorney General

 About the Office of the Attorney General
 Biography of the Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan
 History of the Illinois Attorney General
 Job Opportunities

 Protecting Consumers

 Do Not Call Registry
 Franchises in Illinois
 Health Care Assistance
 Publications and Brochures
 Protecting Consumers Related Links
 Privacy Policy
 Antitrusts Settlements
 Filing a Consumers Complaint
 How to Obtain a Free Credit Report
 Identity Theft Hotline

 Advocating for Women

 Domestic Violence And Sexual Assault Services Directory
 Keeping Communities Safe - Teen Dating Violence
 Sex Offender Registry
 Violence Against Women

 Keeping Communities Safe

 Anti-Tobacco Programs
 High Tech Crimes and Internet Safety Links
 History of the High Tech Crimes Bureau
 Illinois Computer Crime Institute
 Illinois Internet Child Exploitation Task Force
 Illinois Youth Court Association
 Internet Safety
 Illinois Sex Offender Registration Team (I-SORT)
 Sex Offender Management Board (SOMB)

 Advocating for Older Citizens

 B Safe Program
 Elderly Service Officers Training
 Medicare Part D
 Veterans Rights

 Safeguarding Children

 Child Support Awareness
 Illinois Youth Court Association
 Kid's Page
 School Violence Tipline

 Defending Your Rights

 Civil Rights
 Defending Your Rights - Guard/Reserve Call-Up
 Disability Rights
 Immigrant Assistance Programs
 Labor and Employment Rights
 Veterans Rights

 Preserving the Environment

 Environmental Divisions

 Helping Crime Victims

 Automated Victim Notification
 Crime Victim Services Compensation
 Downloadable Resources
 Resource Links
 Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE)
 Sex Offender Information
 Statewide Victim Assistance
 Violent Crime Victim Assistance (VCVA)

 Ensuring Open and Honest Government

 Building Better Charities

 Be an Informed Donor
 Building Better Charities - FAQ
 Building Better Charities - Filing Requirements
 Building Better Charities - Registration and Annual Report Forms
 Forming a Charitable Organization
 Investigate Before You Donate
 Public Safety Fund Raisers
 Rules and Statutes
 Volunteer Board Members of Illinois Not-for-Profit Organizations


 Meth In Illinois
 Recognizing Meth
 Understanding Meth
 Fighting Meth
 Meth Laws and Legislation
 Meth Resources and Links

 Press Releases

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 Press Room January 2008
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 Illinois Attorney General Opinions


 Sobre la Oficina
 Protección al Consumidor
 Abogando por la mujer
 Abogando por las Personas de Tercera Edad
 Resguardando los Niņos
 Defendiendo sus Derechos
 Conservando el Medio Ambiente
 Ayudando a las Victimas de Crimen
 Asegurando un Gobierno Abierto y Honesto
 Construyendo Mejores Caridades
 Ayuda Legal
 Normativa de Privacidad del Web
 Póngase en Contacto con la Oficina
 Presentando una queja del consumidor

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 Pro Bono Referals


 Tobacco - Illinois Directories
 Tobacco - Manufacturer Information
 Tobacco Distributor Information
 Tobacco Related Links
 Tobacco Statutes and Rules
 Lisa Madigan Procuradora General de Illinois - en Español


 Estate Tax Downloadable Forms
 Public Funds Investment Disclosure
 Small Business Advisory
 Annual Reports

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