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Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan
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Defending Your Rights

Defending Your Rights

Attorney General Lisa Madigan is committed to protecting the public interest and acting on behalf of the people of Illinois.

The Attorney General's Civil Rights Bureau enforces state and federal civil rights laws to prohibit discrimination in Illinois. The bureau also advocates for legislation to strengthen the laws and participates in community outreach.

The Disability Rights Bureau enforces State and Federal laws protecting the rights of people with disabilities. The Bureau ensures compliance with laws mandating access to buildings, housing, and services for people with disabilities by investigating and resolving complaints through negotiation and litigation. In addition, the Disability Rights Bureau provides technical assistance and referrals to individuals with disabilities and public and private entities seeking to comply with disability rights laws.

The Immigrant Assistance Program was established to ensure that state government is aware of the needs of Illinois' immigrant population and the barriers which may prevent immigrants from seeking and obtaining government services. The Immigrant Assistance Program involves the coordination of the provision of services by the Office of the Attorney General and provision of referrals to other government agencies as appropriate.

The Attorney General's office handles a number of issues relating to Labor and Employment. In an effort to better serve working families, Attorney General Madigan appointed the first-ever Labor Counsel. The Labor Counsel is responsible for undertaking affirmative enforcement actions to address large-scale violations of Illinois labor laws and coordinating major labor initiatives with State Agencies and outside business and labor organizations. The Attorney General's Office also handles a large number of cases referred by the Department of Labor and defends the state and its agencies against labor discrimination claims.

The Attorney General's Military and Veterans Rights Bureau is dedicated to ensuring that veterans and active duty military servicemembers receive the benefits they have earned by serving our country. The bureau provides men and women with the information they need to understand their rights and programs to help obtain them.

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