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October 31, 2006


Moline – Attorney General Lisa Madigan today announced that investigators from her office and their ISORT partners - Rock Island County Sheriff Michael Grchan’s Office and the Moline and East Moline Police Departments - conducted sex offender compliance checks this morning to ensure sex offenders are residing in the locations where they are registered and not evading detection by law enforcement officials.

I-SORT members conducted the early morning sweep to verify compliance with state registration laws by the approximately 118 sex offenders currently registered as living in Moline and East Moline.  One hundred and nine of these registered offenders (92%) are child sex offenders with victims under the age of 18.

“It is critically important that we know the whereabouts of sex offenders registered in Illinois communities,” Madigan said. “Today we partnered with dedicated Rock Island law enforcement agencies to verify that sex offenders in Moline and East Moline are in compliance with the state’s registry laws.”

Madigan continued, “Today’s operation sends a strong message to sex offenders that law enforcement is watching and that if they fail to comply with the law, law enforcement will respond swiftly.  Today, I urge parents to know their neighborhood and to check the Illinois Sex Offender Registry as they plan safe trick-or-treat routes for their children.”

“The East Moline Police Department was pleased to work with the Attorney General’s Office in today’s Sex Offender Compliance Sweep.  It is encouraging to know that the East Moline Police Department's ongoing commitment to enforcing the requirements of Illinois’ Sex Offender Registry Act is support by the Attorney General's Office. Furthermore, we appreciate their allocation of resources to our area to conduct this sweep.  Efforts such as today’s sweep help ensure the safety of our community,” said Victor M. Moreno, East Moline Chief of Police.

“The Moline Police Department appreciates the efforts of the Illinois Attorney Generals’ Office in assisting with the monitoring of registered sex offenders in our community.  We work diligently throughout the year to keep close tabs on sex offenders registered in Moline.  Today’s operation compliments our ongoing efforts,” said Gary C. Francque, Moline Chief of Police.

The results of today’s operation are as follows:

  • 118 offenders checked
  • 80 offenders verified with face-to-face visits
  • 8 offenders determined to be in county jail custody
  • 6 offenders determined to be non-compliant
  • 23 notices left advising offenders to check in immediately by calling the ISORT hotline
  • 1 offender determined to be deceased

Madigan created I-SORT in December 2003 to combat non-compliance and other problems with the state sex offender registry.  Since then, I-SORT has undertaken comprehensive and ongoing efforts to improve the registration process and solve problems with the system. In the past two years, I-SORT members have conducted targeted raids and used tips from the sex offender hotline to locate non-compliant offenders, worked to improve the accuracy of the information on the sex offender Web site, and launched a public awareness campaign to publicize the importance of the Web site as a tool to protect families.

As of October 1, ISP statistics show compliance with Illinois’ sex offender registration requirements is over 92%. Madigan said that when I-SORT was first created in December 2003, only 86 percent of Illinois’ sex offenders were compliant with the registration requirements. Madigan noted that while I-SORT members are pleased with this increase in compliance, they are continuing their extensive and aggressive efforts to improve the accuracy and usefulness of the information on the registry.

The Illinois Sex Offender Registry can be found at and the Attorney General’s ISORT Hotline is 1-888-41-ISORT.


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