Feel Good Don't Smoke Anti-Tobacco Campaign

2001 Anti-Tobacco Poster and Calendar Contest

This anti-smoking design contest brought to you by the Illinois Attonrey General's Office and the Illinois Association of Park Districts.

Contest Winners

(in alphabetical order)

Winning Poster Designs
(also appear in calendar)

Don't Smoke, Tar is for Roads, Not Your Lungs - Tyler Gene Guenette

Tyler Gene Guenette, 9, Watseka, IL

Your're Not Just Killing Yourself - Miyina Jackson

Miyina Jackson, 9, Midlothian, IL

Make the World Brighter, Don't Smoke - Jordan Mooney

Jordan Mooney, 6, Peoria, IL

Winning Calendar Designs

No Smoking - Nichole Berkheimer

Nichole Berkheimer, 6, Rosemont, IL

Don't Smoke, It's Disgusting - Morgan Brubaker

Morgan Brubaker, 8, Champaign, IL

Mom and Dad Stop Smoking - Terrance Cagle

Terrance Cagle, 7, Homewood, IL

I Do Not Smoke - Cale Chester

Cale Chester, 7, Homewood, IL

You Could Have a Better Life - Tricia Crockett

Tricia Crockett, 9.5, Lake Villa, IL

Tobacco Can Kill, Don't Smoke R.I.P. - Kassie Klotz

Kassie Klotz, 9, Rosemont, IL

When You Smoke, We Choke! - Jason Kurkul

Jason Kurkul, 7, Oak Lawn, IL

Don't Smoke You Will Smell - Amy Podger

Amy Podger, 9, Rosemont, IL

Liam Sears

Liam Sears, 6, Manhatton, IL

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