Feel Good Don't Smoke Anti-Tobacco Campaign

1999 Anti-Tobacco Billboard & Calendar Contest

Sponsored by the Attorney General in cooperation with the Illinois Department of Public Health and members of the Outdoor Advertising Association of Illinois, Inc.

Contest Winning Designs

(in alphabetical order)
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The Winning Billboard Designs

Dare to Be Different - Nicholas Cooper

Nicholas Cooper,12, 6th grade, St. Paul

Don't Smoke for All the Little Reasons - Whitney Kampwerth

Whitney Kampwerth, 10, 4th grade, Carlyle Elementary School, Carlyle

Smoke, Yuck! - Jewelee King

Jewelee King, 10, 4th grade, New Holland - Middleton Elementary School, Middleton

The winning calendar designs

Longer You Smoke, Shorter You Live Jessica Duplessis

Jessica Duplessis, 6th grade, Palatine

Don't Get Hooked - Cari Erlinger

Cari Erlinger, 4th grade, Carlyle

Smoke, Choke, Croak, Undrestand!!! - Adam Gierhard

Adam Gierhart, 4th grade, Rock Falls

When You Smoke, Here is What Will Happen... - Ross Gonzalez

Ross Gonzalez, 5th grade, Carlyle

Dragging on a Cigarette is Deadly - Audrey Hugo

Audrey Hugo, 5th grade, Carlyle

Tanner Kowalski

Tanner Kowalski, 4th grade, Hebron

It's No Joke, Don't Smoke -Kati Kruckenberg

Katie Kruckenberg, 6th grade, Lincoln

Keep Your Health Number 1 - Nathan Menard

Nathan Menard, 5th grade, Kankakee

Ben Mohr

Ben Mohr, 4th grade, Hebron

Smoke Free Begins With Me! - Eric Outsen

Eric Outsen, 5th grade, Kankakee

Cigaretts Can Turn Dreams Into Smoke - Jill Patrick

Jill Patrick, 4th grade, New Holland

2000 - Emily Skaggs

Emily Skaggs, 6th grade, Edge Water Beach

Don't Smoke, Don't Chew, Just Don't - Cassie Taylor

Cassie Taylor, 5th grade, Carlyle

Paul Wilson

Paul Wilson, 4th grade, Watseka

Kick the Habit - Brooke Zachry

Brooke Zachry, 5th grade, Carlyle

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