Illinois Attorney General Kids' Page
Where were you born?
Chicago, Illinois
Do you have any brothers or sisters?
I have two sisters and one brother.
Are you married?
Yes, I married my husband Pat in April 2003.
Do you have kids?
Yes, I have two daughters.
What jobs have you held in your career?
I was a teacher in South Africa where I taught young Zulu women English and math. I worked at
Wright College on Chicago's West Side where I helped to develop an after school and weekend
program. I worked as an attorney in a law firm specializing in employment law.
What other public service/elected positions have you held?
In 1998 I was elected to the Illinois Senate. I served as an Illinois Senator for four years.
Why did you want to become a lawyer?
I wanted to become a lawyer so I could help people improve their lives.
Why did you want to become Attorney General?
Just as I wanted to become a lawyer to help people, I wanted to become Attorney General
of Illinois so I could help all of the citizens of Illinois.
What do you like most about being Attorney General?
I really like meeting people throughout the state and seeing how my office has had a positive
impact on their lives.