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Learn More About Lisa Madigan

Attorney General Lisa Madigan is the 41st Attorney General of Illinois. She is also the first woman to serve as Illinois' Attorney General.

Before becoming Attorney General, Lisa Madigan worked as a teacher, a community activist, a lawyer, and a legislator.

Attorney General Madigan attended Georgetown University where she studied government. After graduating from college, Attorney General Madigan moved to South Africa to be a volunteer school teacher to young Zulu women. Attorney General Madigan believes deeply that knowledge is power and a good education can help overcome any obstacle in life's path.

When Attorney General Madigan returned to Chicago, she went to work at Wright College on Chicago's West Side. As part of that job she worked with law enforcement to develop the Positive Alternatives Project, an after school and weekend program designed to keep kids away from drugs and gangs.

Attorney General Madigan's commitment to helping others inspired her to go to law school. After graduating from Loyola University Law School, Attorney General Madigan worked for a private law firm where she specialized in employment law.

In 1998, Attorney General Madigan was elected to the Illinois Senate for the 17th Legislative District in Chicago.

After serving for four years as an Illinois senator, Attorney General Madigan was elected to her current position as Illinois Attorney General.

As the state's chief legal officer, Attorney General Madigan is an advocate for the people of Illinois and for the state, protecting the public interest, safeguarding communities, and preserving our environment.